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Welcome to Class!

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One thought on “Welcome to Class!

  1. The in class discussion that grabbed my attention was the one about animal rights. I love all of God’s creations and animals are beautiful creatures, however, i do not support the idea of animals having equal rights with human beings, they are animals they do not think as we do nor do they have the ability to chose from right and wrong; for animals life is about the survival of the fittest. Human beings have a much more important purpose in life than animals do.

    The uncut picture by Stanley J. Forman’s of the falling children almost looks unreal to me because it is so rare to see reality portrayed in an uncut way. Usually the media is manipulated to spare the feelings of the audience so it is quite rare to see such an unnerving situation conveyed in such a realistic way. I feel that the picture of the children was not necessary, he could have easily taken pictures of the damaged buildings and resources around. To show human beings especially children in that state is quite insensitive. But then a gain we see people in wars dying everyday on the TV and radio, therefore it depends on a persons moral campus whether the picture was ethical or unethical.

    Posted by Tanya Chibanda | August 28, 2011, 6:50 pm

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