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Please go to this website

Professional Ethics Backchannel You can contribute to the real-time class “discussion” using this backchannel. Advertisements

Tips on Requesting a Recommendation

Read this article for tips on requesting a recommendation: Letters of Recommendation When you get a great letter, don’t forget to say thanks. Video Link  

An interesting article about documentary subjects ….

Here is an article about two of the subjects of a long-term documentary much like “The Farmer’s Wife.” Hoop Dreams, 15 Years Later

Great Tips for Making Your Document More Readable

This site breaks down many design principles. Please use the tips to design your documents, whether they be print or electronic. If the link doesn’t work, hit “continue reading.” Don’t Go Font Crazy

Written Comm for Business – Friday

Please complete Activity 2 on page 68. In addition to what’s in the text for Activity 2, consider the following when writing your analysis: What is the full audience profile? Use the internet or other resources to find out what you can about the typical Pepsi shareholder. Also consider who else may be reading this … Continue reading