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Citizen McCaw

Don’t post on this yet. Just think about it as we finish the documentary and as you read Chapter 7. Think about Jerry Roberts’ comment that journalists “are in the truth business.” How can that view conflict with the business of making a profit or the publisher’s other interests? (Consider Wendy McCaw’s environmental crusades, her … Continue reading

The Resume PPT

Here is the link to the resume PowerPoint.

Helpful resume links

Here are just a few useful links to help you in writing your resume: Hopefully, this site will get you started. It has some good examples that address specific resume writing problems. More samples A good one-stop shop for tips This writer has several helpful articles. I used this one to help create the slides. … Continue reading

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You will create your own backchannel for your presentation. Make room for the url on your first slide. Monday’s Business Comm Backchannel

Jonathan Harris Talks About Data Visualization on TED

Here is a video of Jonathan Harris discussing We Feel Fine and other data visualization websites. It’s quite amazing. Johnathan Harris on TED

Interesting Article

Article on the dangers of being a war photographer: The Shot That Nearly Killed Me Read the case indicated on the card you picked up at the beginning of class (by number). After reading that and the first section of text on page 234, get into the group indicated on your card (by suite). Imagine … Continue reading

Wordle Example

Here is a Wordle created from the text of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Over the Line  | American Journalism Review

Over the Line  | American Journalism Review.

Please go to this website

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